Working with Collauges and Customers Essay

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Part A: Short response questions
Question 1
Effective communication is important in this travel agency. The agency manager selected you for the job because she wanted someone with well-developed communication skills and an understanding of the importance of non-verbal communication and listening skills.
Explain what you understand to be the important characteristics of effective non-verbal communication and listening skills.
Question 2
When working with people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, there can be differences in communication and understanding.
a) Identify two (2) possible cross-cultural misunderstandings and explain strategies you would use to resolve them.
b) How might you ensure that similar misunderstandings do not occur in the future between staff and / or between staff and clients? Identify two (2) methods.

Question 3 a) Although this travel agency does not expect its staff to wear a uniform, the organisation expects a high standard of personal presentation and prefers business attire to be worn by staff. Why do you think that this is so important? b) Other than business attire what else should staff members give attention to with respect to their personal presentation?
Question 4
a) Identify the desirable characteristics and qualities for staff to be considered a good, effective team member. b) The agency manager insists that the staff of this business work as a team. i. What are the benefits of a team approach for each staff member? ii. What are the benefits of a team approach for the organisation?
c) The agency manager holds a staff meeting every Monday morning. What benefits would these meetings provide?

Question 5
You have three (3) clients who have made bookings with you to Hong Kong. They each require different travel arrangements to fulfil their different needs.
Discuss the factors that influence the different needs and expectations of the following client types:
For example: A honeymoon couple may require the convenience of transfers from the airport to their hotel. a) A couple holidaying with their two (2) children (aged 10 & 14). b) A female who frequently travels alone for business. c) A client requiring wheelchair access.
Question 6
Other than cross-cultural misunderstandings, identify and describe five (5) other types of situations or communication barriers that might lead to difficulties, conflict and misunderstanding in the workplace?

Part B: Multiple Choice questions
Questions 1 – 9 are Multiple Choice. Please circle or select the most correct answer; only one answer per question can be chosen. 1. What communication strategies should you use to assist clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds? a. Active listening, slow speech, a loud voice b. Plain English, jargon, a clear voice c. Active listening, jargon, a loud voice d. Plain English, a clear voice, slow speech 2. Which is the most appropriate sequence to deal with a customer complaint? a. Listen, acknowledge the complaint, respond, follow up b. Acknowledge the complaint, report, respond, follow up c. Listen, report, empathise with the customer, follow up d. Empathise with the customer, respond, confirm, follow up 3. Which of the following is the most effective strategy to use when dealing with cultural differences within a team in the workplace? a. Written communication in one language b. Acknowledge staff cultural difference c. Stereotyping of cultures d. Showing intolerance of cultural differences 4.
Which of the following best describes a win-win situation when resolving conflict? a. When two parties agree to one party’s wants b. When all parties’ needs are