Client Interview

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Working with Individuals

Clients Interview

Wilson K. Ogletree

HUMS 250

Elizabeth Gardner LMSW

August 29, 2013

A. Identifying Information:

Name of client- Tina
Address: 1515 Park Lake Ave. Rochester, NY 13378
Phone number: 200-2339
Work place of client: Corel Corporation
Age 55
Providers that are involved name, phone numbers, and agency:
Family Court, Jeff Dolby 412-6608 Probation Officer

B. Present Problems:

1. Current symptoms and compliants- She stated that there are no symptoms in the past or any at this present time. Tina has mention that the only compliant is her younger son Bobby is being very defiant and arguing with her.

2. Problems in home- Tina stated that her son Bobby is having problems staying in school and is on probation for fighting.

3. Problems at work- Tina stated that she is able to go to work and concentrat on doing her job.

4. Problems with peers- Tina stated that she usually dont hardly socialize with her family based on no communication, and trust.

5. Problems during leisure activities- Tina does alot of activities with family as much as she can when not working.

C. Current Living Situation & Activities:
1. Who does client live with? Tina has stated that she is staying with older daughter Trish 28, and granddaughter. Tina also stated that her other three kids moved in with her at Trish her two brothers and one sister. There relationship is steady and they try to spend time together doing activities as a family. Such as going to the malls, playing cards, and having family meetings once a week to see how is everyones week is going on in and out the household. She also stated that she gets along very good with her children accept for Bobby who is 18 years old.

2. Relationship between client and parent/guardian- Tina stated that she and her mother and father have a good relationship. Both parents are very active, and supportive. Tina stated that both parents spend much time with grandchildren as much as they can. Tina father have great relationship when she needs somethings around the apartment done dad helps them complete many task around the apartment and he spends a great amount of time with all the children.

3. Relationship between client and (parents) a. Please list all siblings by name
Tina and parents Molly mother and Jeff father have a strong relationship together. Mother and Father are supportive to her and the children. The children enjoy there company as much as the grandparents enjoy them.

4. What activities does client engage in- Tina likes to go to casino when she has a day of from work, and like taking walks on the weekend to help relax after working all week. She also stated that she plays this game candy crush that she loves playing because it relaxes her and reading books.

5. Any problems with sleep- None at this time- Tina stated that her sleeping is very good.

D. Stressors:

Deaths in family- Father, he was full of joy, and he loved the children. He treated all people with respect, kindness and would give the shirt of his back for anyone. Its been awhile since he past away but we realized he will be in are heart, and spirit for ever.

Divorce- Stated she did not like talking about it because it brings back bad memories, pain, saddness.

Illness- None stated during interview

Moves/Relocations- Tina stated