Workout: Exercise and Skill Related Fitness Essay

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The two main areas of my Personal Exercise Plan are Health Related
Fitness and Skill Related Fitness. My aim is to improve my Health and
Skill Related Fitness overall. I will do this by creating a 6 week program of all the different sports and exercises that I do each day.

From this I will be choosing two training methods. These will be
Circuit Training and Interval Training.

My Circuit Training is made up of 5 stations . At each station you do a specific exercise for a set amount of time before moving onto the next station. The good thing about Circuit Training is that it is made up of aerobic exercises which I enjoy doing.

I will also do Interval Training. This is a fixed pattern of fast and slow exercise. Each repetition of a pattern is called a 'rep' and you have to finish a 'set' (group of reps) before finishing your overall exercise session.

I chose these two methods of training because I felt that they will improve my Health Related Fitness and my Skill Related Fitness the most. My chosen sport is football. I have chosen football because I know the rules of the game e.g. the difference between indirect and a direct free-kick etc. and also I play for a Sunday club. Cardiovascular training will improve my power and stamina when I kick a football and play the game generally. Interval training will improve my speed and reflexes on and off the ball.

My resting heart rate is 64 bpm and my bleep test score (which I aim to beat through training in my Personal Exercise Plan when I get back to school) is 10.0.

Detailed Six-Week Plan

For my Circuit Training I will do 5 minutes of exercise