Workout: Harshad Number and Goal Line Essay

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To set up this drill, starting from the goal line, line up training cones at the 20, 40, 80 and 100 yard line.
How to perform this drill:
You will be doing ten 100's, eight 80's, six 40's and four 20's.
Starting at the goal line, spring to the 100 yard cone and back to the goal line nonstop five times for a total of ten 100 yard sprints. Rest for two minutes then move on to the next sprint of 80 yards, eight times. Rest for an additional two minutes once you've concluded the eight 80 yard sprints then continue the rest of the pyramid running each pyramid nonstop with two minute breaks between pyramid sprint. This is the ultimate football condition drill for wide receivers. It will help you with conditioning, endurance and speed!
50 Yard Accelerations
To perform this drill, place a training cone at the goal line and another at the 50 yard line.
Starting from the goal line, sprint to the cone at the 50 yard line and quickly chatter your feet, working your way around the cone and sprint through the cone at the goal line.
The goal is to complete this drill under 18 seconds for beginners and under 16 seconds once your conditioning level is at its peak. This is another great conditioning drill for wide receivers.
20/20 Accelerations
To set up this football conditioning drill, place a cone on each 20 yard line.
Starting from goal line, high step/high knee jog for 20 yards. Once you reach the 20 yard cone, sprint for 60 yards to the next cone then high step/high knee jog…