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Student Name:Niurka Guilamo

Do you have friends or family members who struggle to fit regular physical activity into their busy lifestyles? Influencing the behavior of others in a positive way often helps support our own personal goals. Your goal for this workout log is to influence and support at least one other person to adopt a healthy physical behavior. Maybe you will ask your mom to walk with you three times this week and write her an encouraging note. Maybe you will invite a friend to go on a bike ride and will show him/her how to properly warm up and cool down. Please define a measurable goal that relates to helping someone else improve a specific aspect of his or her physical fitness behavior.

Goal: I aspire to influence and support my older sister Christina to reach the goal of walking/jogging every night this week no later than 1/30/14. I believe that completing this goal will make her want to exercise more.

Warm-Up- Walking
PhysicalActivity/ Intensity- Walking/Jogging: Medium
Cool-Down- stretches
Minutes- 80

Date- 1/12/14
Warm-Up- Stretching
PhysicalActivity/ Intensity-Running up and downstairs and riding bike : medium
Cool-Down- sitting

Date- 1/14/14
Warm-Up- Walking
PhysicalActivity/ Intensity- Being at work and running around: medium
Cool-Down- Walking lightly

Warm-Up- Nothing
PhysicalActivity/ Intensity-walking to walmart and back:light
Cool-Down- sitting down
Minutes- 100

Reflections: (worth 20 points)
1. How did you feel at first about the idea of trying to influence someone else in a positive way?

I didn’t think it was possible with my sister, she’s so stubborn and lazy!

2. Describe the person you chose to influence and why you chose to influence this person.

I chose my older sister because she doesn’t really do anything

3. Describe how you supported this person in reaching his or her goal.

Motivated her to hurry up