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Strength and Power Development Journal Throughout the semester, I learned many things about weightlifting and how to do some lifts that I had not done before. I learned to vary my lifts much more because it is not as productive to do the same workouts every week but to vary it up a little bit. I also learned that I should not do the same workout for each body group every time each week. There are still some things that I wish to work on throughout the rest of the year while preparing for next football season. In High school I used to lift every day but do basically the same workout throughout every week. For awhile I would see big gains and it would slowly taper off to minimal gains and I would feel like nothing was happening. I would plateau and my gains became slim to none. Since coming to and working out I have learned to switch up my lifts because it stops the plateau effect and allows me to continue gaining the entire time. I also have been increasing my percent of my max I lift every week and it makes me work harder when I lift. Normally when I would work out I would use the same workout and just repeat it twice a week. I learned while creating my workout and researching the lifts that it is better to vary the different lifts you do for each muscle group each week. Working a muscle the same way twice a week does not give as much of a gain.

Although I have had great strides throughout the course of this class, I still have some things to work on. My form needs to improve all around, especially on my cleans. I do not use my lower body enough and I try to pull with my arms too much. I also need to work on…