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Power- he will start off with some kind of pull or push depending on the day. This will really develop explosive hips. These are your cleans, snatches, and jerks and he keeps the reps low from 1-5 but keeps the intensity really high.
Strength- Is where he really loads the bar up but still performs complex movements. This will be his squats, front squats, bench, incline, or military press. And really focus’s on taxing the nervous system to develop strong movements
Hypertrophy- These are the auxiliary lifts that help aid in adding dense slabs of muscle on his frame. He performs these in the 10-12 rep range and it’s exercises such as pull ups, rows, raises, curls, and pushdowns.
Balance – this is the functional aspect of Jon’s training where he really works his balance and core in a variety forms of dynamic movements to really prep him for the season and on-field play.
| Darius worked out five days a week from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. during the offseason.Bill Frakes/SI |
Bench press: Eight sets of five repetitions, starting at 245 pounds and peaking at 265. Dumbbell incline press: Four sets of 10, starting at 80 pounds, then 90, 100, 110. Decline bench on hammer machine: Four sets of 10 to 12, between 300 and 315 pounds. Nautilus flies: Four sets of 12, at 140 or 150 pounds.

"I wait 45 seconds between each set," says Darius. "I want to see how fast my muscles recover. That's why I always wear my watch when I'm training. It keeps me on point."
Plyometric jumps
Single-leg bound: Push off with left leg and drive right knee up and out, raising right leg as high as possible. Land on left leg. Continue for 25 yards. Change legs and repeat exercise. Do three sets for each leg.
Alternate leg bound: Start with slow jog. Push off with left foot and drive right knee up and out, raising knee as high as possible and reaching forward with left arm. Bring right foot down and drive left knee up and out in same motion while reaching forward with right arm. Repeat for 25 yards. Do three sets of 25 yards each.
Lateral-leg bound: Start in half-squat and drive off left leg to jump sideways, trying to achieve maximum distance on each bound. Continue for 25 yards. Switch legs and repeat exercise. Repeat using both legs. Do three sets with each leg and three with both.
Leap frogs: Spread feet a little wider than hips and squat. Place arms inside legs and place hands on ground between feet. Push off with hands and legs, exploding straight up. Land in a squat with arms in same position. Do this 15 times. Do one set.
Tuck jumps: Stand upright with knees bent slightly and legs shoulder-width apart. Flex knees, drop the hips and swing the arms backward at the shoulders. Squat down 10 to 12 inches and without pausing reverse direction and explode upward while swinging the arms upward. At peak of jump, pull knees toward the chest (grab your knees, if possible). Upon landing, repeat the exercise. Repeat 15 times. Do one set of 15.
Two forward jumps/one backward jump: Stand upright with feet hip-width apart and arms at sides. Push hips back, flex the knees and swing arms back while moving into a quarter squat. Without pausing in squat, jump forward and swing arms forward in one motion. Repeat again another forward jump, then jump back using the same technique. Repeat for 25 yards.
Reactive step-ups: Stand on step with feet shoulder-width apart. Jump down and immediately jump straight up. Do one set of 20.
Drop jumps: From raised platform or box, drop to ground and immediately jump upward. Do one set of 15. | Darius experiments with new exercises and jazzes up old ones, such as jumping rope.Bill Frakes/SI |
Split jumps: Assume lunge position with right leg forward and flexed at knee, left leg slightly bent at knee. Right foot should be flat, only the ball of left foot should be touching ground. Using strength of right leg, jump straight up and land in same position. Do this 10 times. Switch legs and repeat…