Workplace Bullying For Employees And Organizations

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The Impact of Workplace Bullying for Employees & Organizations

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The Impact of Workplace Bullying for Employees & Organizations

Regrettably workplace bullying is a very common concern for many in today’s workforce. And often times it involves members of management as well. This makes it difficult to report the issue to human resource management because some employees may believe this type of behavior is supported by the company and therefore will not take action. Workplace bullying happens at all levels of an organization and in every industry across genders, ethnicity and cultures. Thirty-five percent of workers in the U.S. have been bullied firsthand and fifteen percent have witnessed it, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) which means that fifty percent of employees are affected by bullying (Krampe, 2013).

Harm sales of goods, as customers may boycott goods produced by a company known for unethical behavior.

Lead to a drop in stock price. Investors will be unwilling to buy shares from companies known to transact business dishonestly. Investing in dishonest firms will result in poor returns.

Immoral dealings among individuals or in a company builds a work atmosphere of malice and mistrust. Workers tend to go further down the drain when they are surrounded with people who practice the same. This will lead to lower productivity, promote conflict, and subsequently cripple the company.

Many workers are hesitant to turn in their colleagues involved in unethical practices. It is up to the company to manage unethical practices by creating