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Workplace Dilemma The physical anatomy of every human being has been designed, so that we all have basic characteristics that distinguish us as mankind. However, having a higher ability to think and reason than any other creature on earth, yet none of us process information the same. Therefore, we have throughout time, designed a system of balances called ethics that govern our society as we intermingle throughout the world. Furthermore, governments, businesses, churches, and even communities, all are held accountable for following the set of rules and regulations that the law of the land has established. Recently I experienced a situation at work where in my opinion was unethical and did not follow policy, in reference to gossiping and spreading rumors. The incident involved two co-workers James who is in Management, and Tom was a newly appointed supervisor who was on probation. It appeared that Tom was doing a great job supervising about 15 employees. Tom has about 20 years of experience with the organization, and had done an excellent job in his previous position. However, with his new supervisory position, he directly reported to James who is the Regional Manager.
The ethical issue that I experienced stemmed from the Regional Manager James disclosing to other employees information that should have never been disclosed to them. Specifically, that Tom would not make it through his probationary period, and would be demoted due to his inability to perform his new assignment.
The ethical dilemma extended from James who is the Regional Manager, and violated company policy by disclosing personal information to other subordinate employees who would be working under Tom. What even made the situation that more unethical, is that the information was spoken to a family member whom James was not aware of that was Tom family member. The company policy on managerial ethics as it pertains to personnel information and records was violated. Supervisors are not to pass on personnel information, and or disclose to subordinate personnel as per policy and procedure guidelines. What may also have caused a conflict with this situation is that other employee records and even my personnel records were now in question.
Many of the employees who worked under the Regional Manager, all filed grievances to the corporate office demanding that an investigation be conducted, and that the Regional Manager be suspended due to the recent disclosure of personnel information. The corporate office was now in a dilemma, because they had to now possibly suspend and or demote a Regional Manager, and a Supervisor. These two positions are highly visible positions, and would make it extremely difficult for two positions to be filled simultaneously, yet alone continue the workflow for which these