Workplace Diversity: Communication between Management and Employees Essay

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Workplace Diversity: Communication between Management and Employees
Workplace challenges come in many forms. One of those challenges is communication, whether verbal or nonverbal, between co-workers or between management and employees. Businesses currently are being affected by communication issues that are hindering production, satisfaction, and employee retention (Salahuddin, 2010). Communication is a vital key to effective and good management. Face-to-face communication is always the best way to talk to your employees but that may not always be possible, so a combination of verbal and nonverbal communication may be the best practice for your company (Chazanof, 1998). Too many companies rely solely on newsletters, bulletins, and
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The Veterans value hard work, have respect for authority, are dedicated to the job, and adhere to the rules (Zemke, 2000). Veterans have a strong work ethic and they know what it is like to go without, growing up in the era of depression before the World War II. They are very direct and feel that there is no equality amongst members of the team; they like to take charge and make most of the decisions for the group (Salahuddin, 2010). The Baby Boomers come from an era of growth, positive times, and optimism (Zemke, 2000). Their values lie in the area of team work with motivation and a leadership that concludes in quality decisions. Zemke (2000) states “They think of themselves as stars of the show” (p. 66). They look for instant gratification, if not satisfied with something they will move on to something better and instead of playing by the rules they manipulate them to meet their needs (Zemke, 2000). Generation Xers have confidence on the job, lack intimidation by authority, and have an abundance of creativity but they are impatient, lack people skills and are rather inexperienced which lead to poor leadership skills (Salahuddin, 2010). Gen Xers are a much more laid back generation, figuring as long as the work is done why does it matter how long it takes or when it gets done (Zemke, 2000). Gen Xers