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New Concepts in Commerce Second edition
Chapter 10: Political involvement, pages 228–9
The answers for this worksheet can be found on the opening pages of chapter 10 and in the glossary provided for the chapter.
1. Read the introductory text and glossary on pages 228–9, and answer the questions below. (a) What is the subject of the photograph on the opening pages? Provide at least two reasons for your opinion based on what you see. It is a rally for the greens political group (b) Who do you think is carrying the placard ‘I want to take my kids to the reef’? Suggest two reasons they might be at the rally. She is a mother she might be at the rally because she is an environmentalist as well as a caring mother who wants to share her child hood memories with her own children (c) What do you think the average age of those at the political rally might be? Use evidence from the photograph. Late 30’s to early 40’s THEY ALL LOOK OLD (and the kids at the front don’t look like they want to be there)
2. From the glossary terms choose (a) a term for the number of votes a Senate candidate needs to win a seat in the Senate absolute majority (b) a two-syllable word also associated with the entrance to a hotel lobby (c) a word used to describe a document that sets out the government and laws of a country constitution (d) the word used to describe a government where two or more parties agree to work together and hence gain the majority of votes coalition (e) a word also used in association with the housing of TVs and sound systems cabinet
New Concepts in Commerce Second edition
Chapter 10: Political involvement, pages 228–9

3. Use terms from the glossary to fill in the blanks below. See if you can complete the activity before checking your answers in the glossary. A _______________ was called to explore public opinion about Australia becoming a republic. In order for the change to the _______________ to be made there had to be an _________________ _________________.
The coverage of the issue in the _______________ had been comprehensive. Although informal votes were likely, where people made errors on their ballot papers, the _______________ _______________ would be counted and would decide the issue. There had been a strong _______________ for a republic but it was unlikely to win. Change doesn’t come easily.
4. List the following words in reverse alphabetical order: coalition government, triple bottom line, cabinet, proportional representation, preferential system, lobby, absolute majority, quota, federal parliament, ballot paper