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What are High Level CL’s?
Are older than normal CL`s, tend to between grade 4 and 5.
Are between 9-12 year old. What sets them apart from lower CL`s?
Still enjoy playing games but aren’t so keen on playing them all the time.
They prefer thought provoking games.
Aren`t keen on humiliating games or games that require you to be too silly. Charades are generally out of the question.
Have a lot of imagination, enjoy making their own stories.
Want to play games that can stimulate them mentally.
How to teach:
Every unit is split into two parts. So one unit is covered over the course of two weeks. What does this mean? It doesn`t mean you teach the same thing for two weeks in a row, every unit (you’ll see this in the course guide) have two different Q&A format. So you can concentrate on one format for the first week then in the second week go over the other format.
Warmers: What kind of warmers are good? You can do warmers that are intellectually stimulating and/or fun warmers.
Categories – Split the class into two teams. Give the students a category and they must then in turn name things from that category. (Forces them to listen to what’s already been mentioned as well as forces them to quickly think). – Also good to review certain vocab. i.e.: Subjects, jobs.
Memory game – Students must elicit a list and as the list goes on they have to remember more things. Ex: I have a …, I have a… and a…, I have a …, a … and some… - Can be used for different vocabs.