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Social Media Workshop
On arrival
Paper Tweet Sheet on the tables and directions on the screen. Along with a question that they can text in to answer on the screen.
Prior to start
Good morning everybody my name is Stormy Gerndt and I am the current Wisconsin State Parliamentarian, and I am here with my fellow state officer Laura Sepulveda, the Wisconsin Region VII State Vice President. We’re here today because as Future Business Leaders we must be strong leaders which mean knowing how to appropriately handle social media today. Before we get started we are going to have a quick ice breaker called confusion to make you all a little more comfortable with each other. On your tables there are sheets with directions and your object is to get your list done first.
10 min
What is Social Media?
In order to define social media is you have to break it down. Media is an instrument on communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social media would be a social instrument of communication. This means that any website that doesn't just give you information, but interacts with you while giving you that information is social media. That is all types of websites bookmarking websites. (, Blinklist, Simpy) that interact by tagging websites and searching through websites bookmarked by other people, social News. (Digg, Propeller, Reddit) that interact by voting for articles and commenting on them, social Networking. (Facebook, Hi5, Last.FM) that interact by adding friends, commenting on profiles, joining groups and having