Importance Of Religion Essay

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Karis English Religion is not one the most important aspects in people’s lives today, people have turned a whole new direction on the way we value religion. Compared to old religions like Christianity who were very Orthodox back when they first started 2000 years ago, we have lost the value in religion. Now and days religion has become less and less appreciated because of simple things like money and expensive possessions. People don’t do the same rituals and traditions anymore like praying and gathering at their place of worship and fellowshipping. Religion is not being idolized like people do material things in this world. Many have argued that it may or may not be losing main priority in people’s lives especially in the younger generations. One may say that this issue is not important in people’s lives due to the worldly lifestyles this generation strives for most, changing this will make the world a better place. Why is religion so important so people may ask? Well for one it’s an individual way of empowerment for the soul. When you’re apart socially with the people you worship with one can say it’s like a tie that bonds a community together. It gives you the deep overwhelming feeling that makes you feel like you’re never alone, it’s a good feeling. Religion is important because it helps control people’s behavior and the way people think so to speak. In religion we are taught to self-govern ourselves and treat others as we would want to be treated. Following the rules of our religion teaches us certain values that people without religion don’t know to have. In a way rules and laws of our society are based off of religion weather liked or not. Although it is constantly in debate that the government should have a separation between church and state and still seems to seep through the cracks of politics. When really thought out about it laws like don’t kill, or steal or lie are the same as the commandments in Christianity. There are people who would argue that we wouldn’t last at all without religion in our society. Religion is important because it helps people individually have something to live for. When people are faced with trails and tribulations and they and they feel pushed to the very end. Religion offers a lot of different aids for the followers. It helps provided spiritual support which means a sense of something larger and more powerful than us humans that can control our every move. Religion also gives us that purpose of a greater importance. Some people feel like their worth nothing while going through their struggle. There are times in life were people are not good to you who seem to be friends but are enemies at the end of the day. In this world today who are not loving their own child and leaving them for dead. In this world today there are evil people who just want to see you fail in your own misery. Religion is important is very important at the end of the day. It helps us feel safe and secure and loved. It gives us the hope that it will get greater later. Science can’t explain the wonders of the world. It gives you a lot of good facts and it does help with other things, but science can’t explain miracles. Religion gives that extreme explanation on life and it also helps to know that everything is not meant to be known by humans. The next topic is why do people look the other way of religion? There are many reasons why people make religion not much of a priority. Some may feel one of the main reasons as far as Christians is how church is now and days. There is always talking around town of how people act in the church. They say the church people are the main ones to judge and disown people. The way people act in the church to people like strippers or drug dealers. This is one way you can push people into the hands of the devil. Religion is supposed to be for the betterment of oneself. No one is perfect and everyone who wants to accept religion is welcome. Every one sins and come short of the glory