World Civ Final Paper (3 prompt questions included)

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Our Society thanks to the Industrial Revolution.

Tim Yim

Development through Industrialization has benefitted us as a community and a nation.

1.Reflecting on the content covered in the course, how have your views about history changes throughout the semester?

Throughout this course, we have taken many different viewpoints of various people and areas. This has allowed me to consider the affects of all types of people when considering certain historically related thoughts. I see myself writing essays for other classes, applying knowledge i have gained from this course. For example, I use the great leaders like Ghengis Khan or Napoleon. This course has been a blessing because it is so much more informative and interesting than what I learned back in middle school. The environment in which we learn and the things it consists of have been substantially more intriguing and more comfortable than my previous years of history classes. 2. Reflecting on the skills covered in this class, how have you grown as a student in this course?

As a student, I can say that i have grown a significant amount. This is mostly due to the fact that i am now in high school. As I proceeded into high school, I came into it with a mindset of hardwork, discipline, and more maturity. It was no longer middle or elementary school where you can goof off and not worry about it. This course has changed me as a student in the aspects where i have a better priority set ( doing almost a section each day, not wanting to procrastinate), improving my knowledge on the subject due to the surplus of essays, projects, and debates that we did, and my listening skills. Listening skills are important because in high school, most of the time the teachers will not write everything you need to know on the board. You need to pay attention 100% of the time and take good notes or else the course will be a waste and it will be failed. 3. Reflecting upon your growth as a person, how has this class changed you as a person? ( This can be a social thing, a content thing, or a skill thing.)

As a person, this course has been a big part in changing who I am. Reasons behind this is that socially it has required me to talk to new people due to the partners and projects (which i like very much) and the fact that Mr. Michaud was so calm, understanding, and fun, it was easy to pay attention, not have a hatred towards my own teacher, and let me be open to him with my work not being afraid to get criticized harshly. This class has let me improve on my note taking skills and researching skills. It has improved my note taking skills from the sections of homework that we had to do and from notes in class. It has improved my researching skills from the projects and presentation that we have to do multiple times throughout the year. There are also some days where we read an article and present within that one class, so that really puts your determination and researching to the test. I have also been able to learn about many different places where I can find valid primary sources in a breeze and I am now able to easily create citations, a bibliography, and endnotes which I was not able to do before the class started. This class has satisfied me as a person because it mixes hard work, decent sized homework assignments, good amount of projects and test, and a great community is which to learn.

The mid 1700's was a time of new manufacturing processes, leading to the beginning of Industrialization which swept the nation away. The results of the new technology had both a positive and negative reaction towards each community. The Industrial Revolution changed the world forever in ways potential for a “utopia” or more towards a dysfunctional “dystopia”, depending on what the invention was intended for. This movement has developed and thoroughly deepened the way we use vital equipment today, like