Essay on World Cultures Final Exam Terms

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World Culture's Final Exam Terms

Intro to the World

1. Cultural Conflict – clash of different ways of life over scarce resources, religion, race, land, oil, water, power, etc…
2. Cultural Relativism – judge culture on their own standards and values
3. Culturally different – one culture different from every other culture
4. Culture – total way of life of someone
5. Diffusion – mixing of different cultures from place to place
6. Ethnocentrism – belief that ones own culture is superior to other's: judge other's by your own standards
7. Globalization – process by which countries become increasingly interconnected
8. International Date Line – line that is used by geographers that divides the world into two day's
9. Interdependence
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Lakota – a tribe of Indians which mean's alliance of friends but the white man began to call them Sioux meaning enemy, traitorous snakes
14. Little Big Horn – where Sitting Bull over came General Custards army who did not follow the cardinal rule "know thy enemy"
15. Manifest Destiny – Europeans ordained by god to conquer all land and tame the savage Indians
16. Nature – highly respected by the Indians who thought that their dead love ones spirits would inhabit things around them like wind, trees, bugs, etc…
17. Pawnee – evil Indians who had attacked the Lakota but yet it is the complete opposite in reality when the Lakota would attack Pawnee
18. Pine Ridge – reservation with the crazy horse Sioux tribe on it who seized trading posts and church at wounded knee and made demands to the governor that were never met in 1973
19. Reparations – making amends through compensation for past wrongs or injury done
20. Satanta – uncompromising leader who stood strong and arrested by general Sherman and was pardoned when his tribe surrendered and received no money for the reservation like they were promised so they then went to war to preserve the buffalo and in the end he killed himself
21. Sinew – used for bow strings and thread which came from buffalo
22. Sioux – another name for the Lakota which was really an insult
23. Sitting Bull – led the Indians