World Dance Ensemble

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School Activities: World Dance Ensemble Repertory Dance Ensamble II Participating in working on my own senior choreography Israel Club Co-President Junior Year

2. Which activity is most important to you? Why? Being on the World Dance Ensemble was the most important activity to me because I was push out of my comfort zone and was taught how to work in an environment similar to a professional company. My entire life I had been a “contemporary dancer” so I originally wasn't that excited about being on World, but by being on World I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone working on and perform an African piece, a ballet folkloric pieces, and a hip-hop contemporary ballet fusion piece. Doing all of these diffract style helped me grow as a dancer and as a person. I also had the to opportunity to be on an ensemble directed by Ms. Hall this also helped me to grow and improve tremendously, because she demanded that we alway give 100%, and lead by example. With everything going on in her life she came in and gave us her all everyday inspiring us to give her our all and take attitude with us into other classes and onto other Ensemble.

3. Activities (Outside of School): My job of choreographing gymnastic routines for young kids at the Dallas Jewish Community Center. The Batsheva
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Townsel’s class. For the short story the Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka we were allowed to do a dance project so all the dancers decided to do one together, at first I was nervous about working with such big group people, scared that we would get distracted or would I fight and argue, because of this I decided to step up and take a leadership position of the project. I worked incredible hard on the project and was able organize everyone into groups so that we were able to work efficiently and get everything done, and worked really hard on directing and editing the film