Compare And Contrast The Ottoamias And The Russian Empires

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Russia and the Ottomans underwent political development in the 16th to 18th centuries. Both empires were ruled by militaristic rulers with absolute power, but Russia became more westernized and incorporated European ideas while the Ottomans rejected them.
The two empires used their powerful armies to greatly expand the territory under their control.
The Ottomans were led by military leaders that had a dominant role. Members of the warrior class were given land and gained regional power. The Ottoman armies were primarily made of Janissaries; trained elite soldiers that were once Christian boys converted to Islam. The Janissaries’ use of firearms and artillery added to their ability to conquer other areas. Janissaries also soon gain power in court politics.
Peter the Great in Russia also changed the government of his country to pursue war. Peter created a more autocratic government and cruelly stomped out revolts with his specially trained secret police. He imitated western military organization to create a more defined military hierarchy. He also improved his army’s weapons and created the first Russian navy with the aid of European advisors. Russia often went to war with the Ottomans however lost many times.
Russia’s use of European military organization, weaponry, and a new navy quickly led to their rise in power. The Ottoman, however, relied on artillery and firearms and rejected European ideas.
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