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The World from Olympus
In the beginning of time, only two worlds existed; these worlds were known as Mountinious Olympus, and Disasterious. Mountinious Olympus was the home of the peaceful gods and spirits. Zeus, the king of Mountinious Olympus, procured peace within Mountinious Olympus with Goahtius, the god of nature and tranquility. Disasterious was the home of evil, banished gods and spirits. The two worlds kept each other existing and balanced. The time arrived where Banishious, the ruler of the banished gods, sidled into Mountinious Olympus, where he was banned for slaying one of the sacred goats, and strived to acquire control over Olympus, until he was intercepted by Zeus; Zeus was always prepared for his attempts. Unlike his other attempts, Banishious possessed a different plan in mind; to spread chaos into Zeus himself. Banishious approached the sleeping Zeus, prepared to infect him with chaos. “Your reign of benevolence will be terminated here,” shouted Banishious as he uncloaked, ready to violently implement chaotic essence into Zeus. Goahtius, who was nearby, quickly overheard this from Banishious and tackled Banishious with great strength; his horns detached from his skull, absorbing the chaos and morphed into a meteor, discharging out of Olympus into the empty darkness which was neither in both realms. Zeus, awakened from this discord, immediately grabbed Banishious. “Your futile attempts will no longer be tolerated, I will annihilate you once and for all,” Zeus exclaimed. “You simply cannot kill me, without my existence, everything will fall,” Banishious laughed. Angered, Zeus threw Banishious out of Olympus, crashing into the meteor, sending it in a different direction as he slid off of it. As Banishious fell and crashed onto the dark floor of the banished world, the force from the crash chipped off a piece of Olympus. This piece flew around the two worlds with such momentum, collecting fire the faster it flew; it eventually stopped and became the sun. The meteor of Goahtius’s horns eventually came around Olympus, and headed toward the banished world, directly where Banishious still laid. As the meteor smashed into Banishious, his right eye popped right out of his skull and became the moon, his left eye shattered into pieces, becoming the stars of the night sky, and all of his bones shattered spreading all throughout the land; through this, his physical body was annihilated, but his spiritual essence lives on. Goahtius’s horns sprouted out of the meteor disintegrating into fertilized land. The meteor’s impact caused itself to wrap around the spherical, Disasterious, encasing it with land. Disrupted from meteor’s impact, the two worlds became unbalanced, causing Mountinious Olympus to fall…