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SouthEast Asia notes
Population top 4 Indonesia,
12 mill people
Longest river 10th largest Mekong
Mekong delta good for rice
No deserts
Tyland need undies
Philippines fly flag In peace In war differently
Deforestation in Cambodia highest in world
Deforestation biggest environmental issues
Tyland all men required to be monk
People drink beer to protect against disease in...
Against law to use pockets in hochee men
Vietnam funeral music good money
Angerwat biggest temple
Vietnam 2nd largest exporter of coffee
11 countries-10 in the association of southeast nations (ASEAN)
-includes more people than EU and NAFTA
Crossroads of trade
Ethnic diversity
Religious diversity
Political diversity
Economic diversity
Largest country is Indonesia
Smallest in size Singapore
Smallest population Brune
Part of the pacific ring of fire
Natural hazards-volcanos and earthquakes, tsunamis, tropical cyclones, slight monsoon
Climate -tropics to subtropical
Temperate climate as you go north, cooler temps
El Niño- reverse in dry-wet season
Export logs, damaged watersheds
Cultural diversity- ancient kingdoms
Population dense around Irrawaddy Mekong and red rivers as well as on islands
Urbanization- large and fast growing cities, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok. Singapore global city, top ten ports , only in top 4 section, fully developed, one of most urban.
Urbanization- high rates rural to urban migrations, shantytown , pollution
Singapore very advanced and developed
Indonesia Phillipenes advancing quickly
Vietnam has fastest growing economy
Highest in agg Vietnam
Lowest in ag Brunei
Rich in resources, soils good, woods, raw materials,
Ag all about farming, rice exporters, slash and burn, tea plantations in Indonesia. (Rubber, tobacco, sugar cane, and coffee)
Terracing-max space for crops,
Rubber tapped from trees?
Resisted communism
Export manufacturing and tourism
GNI per capita is twice other mainland countries