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World Geog
Chapter 17

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Russia’s Varied Landscape

Think of what you know about land and what causes it to change shape. Look at the physical map of Russia that is being projected (or on page 253 in the text). Answer these questions: 1. What are some of the forces that can act upon the land and alter its shape? 2. How might these forces have created some of the geographic features shown on the map of Russia?

Geoterms Geoterm and Visual Image

Definition in your words….



physical processes

tectonic movement

volcanic activity

Read each section of the chapter and describe the physical process and name the four parts of the process

17.3 How Tectonic Movement Shapes the Earth (include fault­block mountain, fold mountain, tectonic plate, fault in your description)
Tectonic plate movement shapes the earth by creating faults (cracks). Some plates fold over creating fold mountains. Other plates drop or rise up creating fault blocks. Rapid movement of tectonic plates can cause earthquakes. 17.5
How Volcanic Activity Shapes the Earth (include lava, crater, main vent, magma chamber in your description)
Volcanic activity creates islands, mountain, monoliths….when a vent that is a source of magma allows magma to flow out, an eruption occurs. 17.7 How Erosion Shapes the Earth (include weathering, erosion, mass­wasting, deposition in your description)
Erosion shapes the earth by breaking down rock. Weathering (wind, ice, heat, rain) breaks up rocks which are carried to shores of lakes/seas as sand (deposition). 17.9 How Glaciation Shapes the Earth (include
U­shaped valley, horn, glacier, moraine in your description)
Glaciation shapes Earth by a glacier carves away at the earth’s surface­­usually in valleys­­leaving smooth rock and a moraine (all the stuff the glacier moved).

Match the Images of Russia’s Features
Use the projected map with numbers 1­12 and textbook pages
255, 257, 259 and 260­261, to determine which feature is Russia is represented in the placard. Write the…