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In the movie far and away it’s all about love. The young man leaves Ireland with his landlord’s daughter after some trouble with her father, and they dream of owning land at the giveaway in Oklahoma. When they get to the Americas they find jobs and raise money to buy horses to go to Oklahoma. The young man become a bare-hand boxer, and rides to glory until he is beat and brought down hell from there. Then his boss steals all their money and are kicked out of their homes and while almost starving during winter and try to keep their dream alive they find out that the girl’s parents found out where she was and came to find her and take her home. The movie didn’t start off so good, but as I kept watching the movie the movie got better the plot was put together nice a way where the past was presented but a little action to it. The movie was more of a chick flick so most guys wouldn’t like it, but most girls would. The beginning was boring but toward the middle it was really good I liked the whole plot twist in all areas of the movie. In the movie joseph and Shannon leave Ireland not because they were in love but they both wanted to be free and wanted a piece of their own land. They ran away not knowing each other in fact joseph was her father’s enemy. Shannon offered him and offer she said “is you run away with me you can be my server because no women can travel alone no way”. He was like “no way you think I’m going to be your server”, but at the end it was her or from him to die because Stephan was going to kill him. They migrated for land. The push was because Shannon wanted to get away from her mother she said “if I don’t leave and be myself my mother will turn me into one of her stuffed old friend” and joseph decided he wanted a piece of that free land since he wasn’t getting his in Ireland. After living together they both had a dream together to get a piece of land and grow everything on it. A pull factor was the free give away of land in Oklahoma. When joseph and Shannon got to America fresh off the boat they were going to go in their own ways but shortly after Shannon got robbed by a fake man saying he was rich and smart, but joseph went back to help this little boy said he could get them work and took them to the boxing club there the owner gave them jobs plucking chickens and even gave them a place to live as long as they paid a $1 a week. So they lived there for quite a while, but Shannon was the one who had more trouble adapting more than joseph because joseph was used to the work like that. Joseph and Shannon faced a couple of challenges such as them getting robbed getting right off the bus and having to lie to people saying they were brothers and sister just to get a place to live and work. Joseph had a lot of problems trying to protect Shannon from all the guys trying to hit on her he wasn’t protecting her because that was his “sister” but because deep down inside he was in love with her. They also had trouble with Shannon trying to fit in and the fights they had due to them being jealous. At one point joseph gets ahead of himself and becomes really cocky with boxing he was beating everyone and one day he got beat and there livies were over one man from the club lost a lot of money so they took everything they had and kicked them out they were on the street for three days with nothing to eat and one day they see an abandoned house but shortly after being there the owners come