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How is it different from other company setup? 1) Pioneers ice cream in the market (Haagen-Dazs are distinctive and indulgent tasting experiences because Haagen-Dazs choose high quality material for consumer to create different favor.)

2) Worldwide connection (Haagen-Dazs has been advertising, promotion, and customer involvement for example on magazine television, Internet and newspapaper. In order to be recognized by people all over the world.)

3) They use exclusive shop image( It is different from other shop because Haagen-Dazs put their logo on ice-cream cup, ice cream cone, tissue , spoon, glass and decolation around the shop.)

4) Using the finest ingredients to deliver product excellence ( for example Haagen-dazs fruit ice cream tends to put in more fresh fruits for the ingredience than can fruits or freeze fruits, Haagen-dazs vanilla ice cream has real vanilla bean in it more than the other brand and for its green tea favor it using real rich green tea for the ingredience to make the consumer taste the richness of its main favor)

5) Haagen dazs kept ice cream at a temperature that is substantially lower than most ice creams in order to keep its intended firmness (Because it will not melt the ice cream and the flavor taste comes out perfectly. The buyer will taste the premium quality material of an ice-cream)

6) Variety of packaging and how its icecream transfer in many forms ( for example, Haagen-Dazs has both cone, cup, in plate, in sandwich cookies, in fongdoo style, in mooncake style and cake. This makes costumer who love each of it tends to have more choices than the other brand to choose on what they like)

What makes Haagen-Dazs unique?

1. "Super-premium" brand icecream (: It’s unique because of the brand image and reputation for using the finest ingredients in their ice cream. Customers are aware and addicted to their ice cream due its unique taste.)

2. Dense in ingredience (all-natural ingredients with nothing artificial added and a maximum air content, , while others market their product under that label. With no official regulation, producers are able to use the label as they wish.)

3. It is sold both in grocery stores and its own shop as serving of costumer individual choice. ( Haagen-Dazs is the only icecream brand which sell in both of the stores which are department store, supermarket and has it own shop retail. Where costumer can select favor they want and choose their own side-dish and topping. It is also containing its own unique shop style decoration to make costumer feel like home and suitable for the dessert atmosphere.)

4. Use of Recycle plastics and statement to go for “Green” (Haagen-Dazs also uniques because