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World War II
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April 1, 2012

The intention of this paper is to provide two or three most important consequences that follows as a result of World War II on the United States’ society; how it affect American capacity to perceive or feel, including the way Americans overviewed the war and themselves; how the war change America’s role in the world; and I also will be providing information on whether the outcome of the war was beneficial, detrimental or a combination of both to the United States.

World War II According to history, World War II caused more damage than any other war to the society and it was also the bloodiest and deadliest war of all times. The war took the lives of many servicemen as well as civilians, who died as a result of bombings, the state of not having enough food, or of losing strength or dying through lack of food, and deliberate campaigns of mass murder. It has been indicated that just about seventeen millions soldiers has lost their lives and the death total of the civilians were even much greater than that. This is the total volume of Americans only that was noted in history, although other nations total just as many or more. There are several consequences listed that are consider as the most important, which World War II had produced in the changes in American life, some are trivial, and others are very great, or intense. But I have chosen the following ones to piggy-back on. Labor shortage (change in gender roles) is one of them. The Women were more exposed to the work force. Before World War II, the ladies to a large extent or in more cases kept the house while the men went off to work. The ladies went to work in the factories to keep the production going to fund the war; also they had to be responsible for for their families. Because of the war, the women were experiencing things that they never did before. They were working in fields they had not been permitted to do so before and they also were able to join the Coast Guard, the Women’s Army Corps, the Marines, the Army Nurses Corps, and the Women were accepted for the voluntary emergency services; but segregation still existed. The next will be Fashion. Dresses became shorter, double-breasted suits, pleats, ruffles, cuffs, and vests disappeared to conserve cotton and wool. Another change is Awareness. Awareness was raised, because the war set families in motion, removing them out of small towns and off farms and packing them into big urban areas; the African Americans from the south began to move north for work, which increased racial tension. Also, it has been stated that the African Americans, the NAACP made its legal campaign against discrimination greater and stronger during World War II. It has been estimated from fifty thousand to five hundred thousand their membership have grown. The United States arose in control or command over others as it had funded World War II and lead reconstruction (transformation to a world superpower). The Soviet Union extended and rises to superpower status, because of getting hold of land during World War II; and also the emergence of the Cold War was another most important consequence to the United States. Likewise, there were a lot of others ways in which the United States as changed, but possibly the most important one of them that were listed is the increased in prosperity. The United States was a rich country before the war took place. But because of depression, Americans was trying to make a great effort to deal with challenges, problems, and difficulties. For instance, the United States permitted the nation to do things such as, increasing the nation’s human resources, enacting the GI Bill, and sending millions of people to college. This made them feel like they were given the right to have constant economic growth and lead the world; and the Americans attitude or point