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The Silk Road of China has greatly changed the way trade has developed over time. As China emerged in the eyes of other civilizations from its concealed home in between the high, towering mountains, things started to change. China has greatly benefitted from the Silk Road. However, China was not the only one to take this great opportunity as a way to make itself prosperous, but other civilizations along the way, such as Persia in later times, Carthage, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. The Silk Road is a grand marvel in which to admire in ancient times, and it has greatly changed over the span of time, especially during the interim between 200 B.C.E. and 1450 C.E.
To begin with, the Silk Road was not as used and eminent as it was later on in ancient times, especially not during 200 B.C.E., as new civilizations had only began to proliferate in various areas. At first, only several major civilizations were around which utilized the Silk Road for trade and travel, consisting of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Carthage/Phoenicia, Persia, and China. The slow amount of trade showed that as time goes on things greatly are affected. The things that were traded at first greatly differed as well to those traded later on, as new technologies and materials were experimented and used for different aspects of everyday life. The evolution of trade through the Silk Road also was affected by technologies. During 200 B.C.E there were little technologies which helped make trading at faster speeds much more