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One of the major tenets of our American values is that everyone is created equal, which is often taken to mean that we all have the same opportunity for success. I 100% agree with that statement. Everyone is granted the same 24 hours in a day to succeed towards their goals. It never matters where you came from; it’s where you’re going. Though we all are equal, everyone mind set, determination, and ambition is on different levels. This is where people get confused, stating that if your mom or dad is on welfare mostly likely you’ll be on welfare, a term know as social capital. I disagree because a parent drive and motivation can be on completely different ranks. If a child grows up in poverty they’ll mostly likely strive for better because of the hardship they faced as children. From a socio-economic point of view we are all equal at birth. But other circumstances such as health, gender, education, and personal drive weigh in the equation. We hear stories constantly of children raised in poverty that are determined to do something with their life and they do! Sometimes ones wealth isn't always what they consider as success but our very freedom and the opportunity to be whom and what we want can be the greatest success of all. One might argue that “Of course not, some people inherit their wealth and have an obstacle in their path.” However, some people are born poor and create their wealth. And that is determined based off of their fortitude! In America the opportunities are