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Medieval Europe
-loss of central government
-loss of cultural center
-loss of trade routes
-loss of formal education, except within the Christian church
-ca. 500 A.D., Clovis united the Frankish tribes
Established the Merovingian dynasty
There was inbreeding and lost all competency
The mayor of the palace
It becomes a hereditary position
Pepin of Heristal talks to the pope to try and be king
Charles “the hammer” Martel
Battle of tours (732)
Pepin the short tries to become the king
-751- Pepin the short appeals to Pope Zachary to make him King. Pepin is anointed as king establishing the Carolingian dynasty
Frankish- Papal alliance
-768- Charlemagne becomes king
-Manorialism- an economic system based on local agriculture and trade
-Feudalism- political system based on exchanged oaths.
Oaths of homage- an oath acknowledging one person as superior to another
Oath of fealty- homage plus a military commitment
-Investiture controversy (1075-1076)
King Henry IV – French king who claimed to be Christian
Popo Gregory VII –
-in 1075, Gregory VII issued the Dictates of the Pope, outlawing some common secular law
-1122 Concordat of worms – compromise ending the investiture controversy
-Mohammed – chief prophet for Islam
Lived in Saudi Arabia
Recorded Allah’s words in the Koran (Q’uran, or Quoran)
5 pillars of Islam
Profession of faith
Fasting – during Ramadan
Prayer 5x daily 1 time required
Hajj- pilgrimage to mecca 1x a lifetime
Not a pillar but jihad- a holy war to defend Islam

-Crusader states established
Trade routes
Medical practices
Hygiene practices
-Church becomes extremely powerful
-a series of politically skillful popes lead the church during the crusades
Pope Innocent III (1198-1216)
Permits the creation of orders of friars and monks
Franciscan friars founded by St. Francis of