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The Titanic was part of the three RMS (royal mail ships) and it was one of the three ships that belonged to the Olympic-class of White Star Line vessels. The other 2 ships were RMS Olympic and the RMS Britannic. The Olympic-class liner began in 1907. They wanted to make their ships luxurious and large size rather than speed. The Titanic was built in Belfast, North Ireland. Makers of the ship were Harland and Wolff. Construction of the Titanic began on March 31, 1909. The ship took approximately three years to finish. The Titanic was 882 feet long and 92 foot wide vessel. Working on the Titanic was very hard and dangerous. It took 15,000 people to build the Titanic. 8 people were killed and 250 people were injured. The Titanic weighed 52,310 tons it was the largest passenger ship in the world. the Titanic was launched May 31, 1911 but was not ready until the spring of 1912. The ship was eligible to carry 64 life boats but White Star Line chose to only carry 16 on the ship because of collapsible lifeboats and only 75% of the ships passengers capacity and it was “The unsinkable ship”. The maiden voyage of the Titanic set out on April 10, 1912 to New York City from Southampton, England. The ship went so far out they called the ship “unsinkable.” The ship attracted a lot of British and American people and also very wealthy people. There were really wealthy people, middle class people, and even poor people. The cost of a first-class ticket on Titanic to New York was $2,500, approximately $57,200 today. The most expensive rooms were more than $103,000 in today's currency. A third-class ticket at Titanic cost $40, which is approximately $900 in today's currency. Up to 10 people resided in third-class rooms. The ship stopped in France and in Ireland having 2,216 passengers aboard on the ship. The ship struck an iceberg on April 14, 1912 at 11:40 p.m is when the lookouts spotted the iceberg coming upon them. The thing was the iceberg did not look dangerous. It was small at the top and they thought they could clear it but little did they know under the water the iceberg was giant. The huge iceberg hit the right side of the ship damaging the hull. The captain ordered a stop to estimate the damage. Five components of the ship were flooded and they closed the watertight doors to prevent additional flooding to the ship. Evacuating the ship, the first lifeboat was lowered about an hour after the collision. On every boat they had, only 19 people were allowed to go in, but many people did not make it to the lifeboats because some of the people didn’t think the ship was actually going to sink. After all the advertising they did and the massive size of the ship they actually believed it was “Unsinkable” so most of those people did die. Many of the men did not make it to the lifeboats either due to the lack of space to the children and women were the priority. The radio operators tried to call the closest ship RMS Carpathia but sadly the boat was 4 hours away and could not make it to the Titanic on time to actually do anything the Titanic split in half and around 2:20 a.m the ship completely sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean going 13,000 feet under water. The ship that they called finally arrived and tried to save as many people as they could but more than 1,500 people had died from the below zero temperatures water. The wreck was discovered September 1, 1985 by American and French people. The researchers found out what actually caused the “unsinkables” ship tragic end.
The first cell phone was created by a guy named Martin Cooper. The first cell phone from Motorola was the Dynatec phone. It was $3,500, weighed 2.5 pounds, measured 10 inches long and was dubbed "the brick" or "the shoe" phone. It was held by a strap like a purse, well it was optional to have a strap for that huge phone, but did not sell very well. The phone had only 20 minutes of talk time before requiring a 10-hour