World History And Culture

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Week 6
World History and Culture
Dr. Ingram
Student: Julie Martinez
Final Paper;
Early Globalization

We are asking to write a narrative on how the world changes during the thirteens and fourteen
Century, and to depict from our reading in chapter 10 and 11 and other sources.

First question we were ask to write a short story about we link Marco Polo and Columbus that
Includes their cultures?
It is an inspiration to read about these two men who accomplished a lot during their times. Marco
Polo was born during the thirteen century his family were Venetian family his first known travel began with his father and uncle. He lived during the propitious time, he known to be a heroic traveler, simple made who during his travel was to make trade among the people where he travel to, his travel was to China, Asia and throughout Europe. It is know that Columbus started his travels he was inspired by Marco Polo although Columbus travels were by his quest to see the
New World during 1492 to 1504 he was revered to be a hero, when he sailed to Spain, his new found travels were when the queen of Spain gave him three famous ships to seek and find and conquer the New World; his routes were India, las Americas and other places. But unlike
Polo, Columbus had a dark truth that he murdered many people and also enslaved many people too. For Marco Polo was a simple man. He changed history; he was inspired by many to travel his focused was in trading as a merchant that he was. Even in Polo early travel there were many bandits that ambushed him he never gave up.

Second part of the short story was to think and write about the