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The ancient Greeks were very religious. Most of them were polytheistic. Some made arts of their Gods and Goddesses.

Role of Men
In ancient Greek time, men did a lot of work out of the house. They participated in politics, farming, hunting, and manufactured trade. When they weren’t doing that, they liked to have drinking parties, wrestle, ride horses, and play Olympic Games. Wives and daughters were not allowed to attend the drinking parties.

Role of Women
Other than Spartan women, Greek women had limited freedom outside the home. Women could only attend weddings, funerals, some religious festivals, and visit female neighbors for short periods of time. Women were in charge of the house and childbearing. Greek women had slaves so they didn’t do all the housework. Wives and daughters were not allowed to watch the Olympic Games because the participants didn’t wear clothes. Chariot racing was the only game women could win.
Spartan Education
Education differed in Sparta, an authoritarian, military city-state, than other city-states. Spartans goal of education was to have well-disciplined, well trained, military ready men by the time they finished. Spartan boys left the home at age 7 to train at military school. They were taught how to be a great soldier. Reading and writing was not a very important skill to ancient Spartans. They had strict discipline and harsh physical punishment but were taught to take pride in pain. When they turned 18 they became military cadets and started getting ready for war. They had to pass harsh physical tests. If they didn’t they became perioikos, men who owned land, have business dealings, but no political rights. At 20 they joined the state militia which they served in until age 60.
Girls were not forced to leave home at age 7 but had similar training. They thought that strong women made strong babies. At 18, women were to take fitness and skills test. If she passed, she was assigned a husband and went home. If she failed, she lost citizenship and became a member of the middle class. Women had freedom and could move around. Their husbands did not live at home. Women sort of had the same training as men had.

Education in Athens
Athens was a democratic city state. The taught in school the arts of peace and war. They required two years of military starting at age 18. Boys were generally homeschooled until age 6 or 7. Then they attended an elementary school. Younger boys learned to move gracefully, do calisthenics, and play many games. The older boys learned running, jumping, boxing, wrestling, and discus and javelin throwing. The boys also learned to play the lyre and sing, to count, and read and write. Although they learn all this, literature was the most important thing they taught.
Athenian girls had primary domestic education. Hetaerae, or courtesan women attend special schools where they learned to be great companions for the guys.

Home Life
Greek houses were made up or two or three rooms, built around an open aired courtyard. Larger homes may have another 4 rooms. Most Greeks family life revolved around the courtyard. One popular activity among ancient Greeks was to sit around the courtyard and tell stories. Greek women also like to relax, chat, and sew.…