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“Gladiator“ Review
Gladiator is an astounding movie! A must see film, in which you’ll get caught up in the roman twist. This nail biting, intense modern epic will have you cheering out of your seats. While watching this you will find yourself hooked on the chronological order of the crazy, breathtaking events. The recreation of ancient Rome is amazing, with all its magnificent buildings and atmosphere and the director is able to show with all brightness the greatness of the Roman Empire, with its political problems and military discipline, and love and treason, of hate and jealousy that still have a place in our world today. The story has a glow of its own with all the beautiful scenery and the fights, is displayed in such a way that all the blood is really discrete, but still, making us feel like screaming and jumping out of our seats. I would also like to point out the performances of the cast that is surprisingly good. I noticed a lot of actors and actresses, who are not Hollywood icons, but are greatly able to move the audience among screams and tears. I can honestly admit that this is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. This is wonderful storytelling. The opening Battle Scene simply mesmerizes, showing the brutal nature of combat for Roman conquests. This film can be considered a simple man vs. an emperor. I just loved the resilience Maximus showed throughout the movie. I find in most movies, there is an irritatingly slow process where the character has to "find himself," within the movie, but not with Gladiator. Maximus does what is needed. The visual effects were amazing. It actually had me wanting to believe that's the way Rome actually looked in all its glory. The battle of