World History Unit Test Paper: Monarchs of Europe

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World History Unit Test
Calabrese Monarchs of Europe

MULTIPLE CHOICE – Choose the letter of the correct answer and mark your choice on the scantron

1. What happened when the Spanish Armada sailed into the English Channel in 1588? A. It was attacked by English ships that had been set on fire / suffered heavy losses B. It defeated the English fleet C. It was joined by the Dutch D. It encountered mechanical errors and had to return to Spain

2. The Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 guaranteed A. that James II would succeed Charles II B. religious tolerance for Catholics C. a person’s right to appear in court if accused of a crime D. that Parliament would have the power to levy taxes

3. The English Bill of Rights A. did away with Parliament B. was based on the U.S. Constitution C. completely eliminated the monarchy D. helped make England a constitutional monarchy

4. Peter the Great set out to win land from Sweden to obtain A. a location for his new capital B. a port that would open all year long C. major ship building centers to improve his navy D. modern industrial centers

5. Absolute monarchs argued that their power must not be challenged because A. the pope had crowned them B. they were the most intelligent men in their countries C. they were democratically elected D. they ruled by divine right (power was given to them by God)

6. Why did King Phillip of Spain decide to invade England? A. because England was raiding Spanish ships B. to return England to the Catholic Church C. because England was helping the Dutch revolt D. A, B, and C are all correct E. None of these are correct

7. The Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre occurred when A. the Catholic Queen ordered the killing of Huguenots B. Much of the city of Paris was burned by Huguenots C. The French palace was attacked by peasants and the entire royal family was killed D. None of these answers are correct

MATCHING – Match the terms on the left with the correct description/definition on the right Mark your answers on the scantron form.

8. Ruler whose power is not limited by having to consult with A. HUGUENOT Others C
9. Concept that held that monarchs received their power B. PEACE of AUGSBURG Directly from God D
10. Fleet of war ships; thought to be indestructible E C. ABSOLUTE MONARCH
11. Gave German princes the right to decide whether his state D. DIVINE RIGHT Would be Catholic or Protestant B
12. French Calvinist Protestant A E. SPANISH ARMADA

13. Gave Huguenots limited freedom to worship B A. PURITANS
14. Group of strict Calvinists that wanted to further reform B. EDICT of NANTES The Church of England A
15. Wealthy nobles that supported the King of England C. RESTORATION During the English Civil War D
16. Period in which the monarchy was restored in England C D. ROYALISTS
17. Republican government based on the common good of all E E. COMMONWEALTH

18. Monarchy that is limited by law B A. CZAR
19. Russian landowners usually with conservative viewpoints C B. CONSTITUIONAL MONARCHY
20. Once used to refer to the leader of Russia A C. BOYARS
21. Process of adopting elements of Western culture E D. REGION
22. area with one or