World History War Essay

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War has been a varying topic for a long time throughout history. People that were put in charge of their country have always had different views for centuries of time. People in general have had their say, in the most part, on the decision of a war and some part in the outcome. Since the Battle of Waterloo all the way up to the recent World Trade Center catastrophe, the world’s definition of war has changed in tremendous stages. From civilians being off-limits to civilians being targeted to finally civilians being targeted as terrorist acts. The Battle of Waterloo was one of the first genres of war. In this, civilians were not targeted, but only uniform men were killed in the battle on a field far from a civilization. This was one of the more respectful styles of fighting a war (even though war is never respectful). The opponent would wait until the first wave came and was finished and then played his first move on the battlefield. This was a style that involved one move at a time (kind of like a chess game). World War One was a new stage of new technology being introduced in the art of war. is the first time in this, we see the use of trench warfare, tanks, airplanes, machine guns, and tear gas to harm enemy soldiers, and there were also reports of civilian casualties throughout the war. This new stage of warfare was one of the most bloodiest we have seen. There was no waiting for the opponent to move, if you just popped your head up you would be shot. This style was helpful if you were to have a larger army, but caused significant casualties. The art of terrorism was a very new part of war when it was introduced on September 11, 2001. The Al-Qaeda is a terrorists group that was led by Osama Bin