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Romantic or Neoclassicist? In the 1800’s literature was described in two ways. It was either romantic or neoclassic. A neoclassical writer is conservative, practical and loves public and urban life. A romantic writer is revolutionary, emotional and loves solitude and nature. Bearing in mind these characteristics, I consider myself as a romantic. One way I like to describe myself as a romantic is the way I view nature. I absolutely love being in the woods surrounded by trees and animals. My family and I had gone hiking once before. This hike was five miles, directly up the side of a mountain. It was definitely tough making our way up, but instead of complaining I kept trekking along. And by the time we made it to the top I realized the reason for going. It was to see the beautiful sight of the sunset lying across the top of the trees. That is when I found out that anything is worth it to be able to see the gorgeous scene of nature. We stood on that cliff overlooking the valley and trees and breathed in the fresh, warm air of the afternoon. I saw a hawk flying freely in the distance and longed to be as free as this majestic creature. Another time I felt I was a romantic with nature is when I went looking for deer with my dad. He woke me up at the crack of dawn, and after a hot meal of scrambled eggs and toast, we trekked out into the cold mist of the dimly lit forest. About a mile into our hike, we reached our clearing. We laid out our camouflage blanket and waited. It seemed like hours just sitting in silence, but then he arrived. A ten point buck crossed our path and behold, we made eye contact. It was almost as if I could feel his heart beat with mine. I steadied my camera and took several shots of this noble being. I knew then that I love the sight, smell and feel of nature. Additionally, I think I am a romantic through the way I think things through. I end up using my emotions to make my decisions. For example, when I got the opportunity to commit with Northern Illinois to play softball. I have a very close nit relationship with the new coach there. I have known her for three years now. She was an assistant coach at a university that as very close to me, and I would take lessons from her. She always talked about me coming to play for her and then she got the head coaching job for