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John Doe
IB HL 20th Century History
Mr. Michel Scott

Carter refused the students’ request of returning the Shah, who was in the U.S. for medical reasons, back to Iran (Dumbrell 7).
Carter came into the White House with the same attitude on foreign policy as Jefferson, he called for a new American foreign policy, one that would “serve mankind” and “make his countrymen proud to be Americans (Hunt 185).
Carter wanted to shy away from secret deals and covert operations that would hurt the nations integrity (Hunt 185)
The president wanted to align the U.S. with “irresistible forces of liberty and progress everywhere” (Hunt 185).
Carter was quick to blame worldwide problems on the Soviet Union (Hunt 185)
Carter states in his inaugural address “Our commitment to human rights must be absolute” however his support of the shah contradicted his moral views (Hook 382).
Once Jimmy Carter was elected he turned the focus of foreign policy from the Cold War to a more “cooperative posture emphasizing human rights” (Hook 47)
Because of poor information about the crisis, the American government may never had a realistic plan of action (Hargrove 138)
Carter never played a central role in the decision making process (Hayward 127).
Carter asked the Shah to alter some human rights policies in Iran as some citizens felt like they weren’t always followed. The shah replied that he would only enforce Iranian laws as they are to combat communism (Carter 436).
Carter and his advisors