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The World of Islam

The world of Islam is an ever-present topic in today’s society. I, myself, am not knowledgeable with this ‘empire’ so most in the text was new to me, however I found it a quite informative and interesting read. Like Charlemagne changed the education and school/worship centers for the Roman Empire, Muhammad came and changed religion
And helped to reinforce the schools and education. Muhammad, the founder of the new religion and Islam, struck much controversy when sought to transform the polytheistic beliefs of Mecca and declared that like there is only one God, and lashing out against other beliefs. He condemned a spiritual shrine the “Kaaba” which was a large source of revenue, only causing a backlash onto himself, forcing him out of Mecca and into Yathrib. The religion is based on the “Five Pillars”, and states that there in only one God, Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet.
Muslims are to pray five times a day facing Mecca and to fast during the day during Ramadan. ‘Jihad’ is a word of many meanings. Literally meaning to strive or struggle, however also meaning ‘holy war’ and is the term and definition many of us are familiar with, with the current politics and military stances. In Islam it is more commonly used in reference to trying to strive away from sinning and towards the rules of the Qur’an and self discipline towards doing the right thing. I believe that some of the structure of the Muslim is similar to Christianity in that there is only one God, who has a prophet. Previously studied religions for the most part were polytheistic. In current times, I believe that their practice in medicine is probably similar in means of them being advanced. Since my interest is in Medicine- it appears many other countries seem to be medically advanced more-so than the United States, so this does not surprise me. However I am impressed that they had such advancement during that time as ophthalmology, but mainly that they were already suggesting the role of diet and nutrition intake in the…