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The Love of Ink

Tattoos symbolize things to me, I just love the art, and mine personally mean something, all of them
I plan on getting plenty more but right now I only have four, A knight on my right shoulder, a star with my mom’s name in it on my left arm, an angel and “Always Strive And Prosper” both on my chest.
I’d have to say that the star with my moms’ name in it is my obvious favorite. Most people get names of friends or family members put on their body, well my mom isn’t dead or anything we’ve just been through a lot that makes us have a special bond and she’s the most important woman in my life, I’ve always looked up to my mother. Anyways I’ll start off by talking about my first tattoo which was the knight on my shoulder. I went through so much to get that one because I was only 15 when the legal age to get tattoos in Tennessee was 18.I went to a couple local tattoo parlors but they wouldn’t do it because of my age. Then I heard that you only needed a parents consent in the state of Georgia to get a tattoo from a relative so I made my mother drive me all the way to Georgia for a tattoo and I left my money all the way back in Tennessee. I eventually had a woman that I knew at the time to make me a fake birth certificate ,I took it to the tattoo shop and they never asked me about my age again. That was the beginning of a long addictive habit of ink. On my second tattoo I knew I wanted something that would mean something special to me. I didn’t rush my second one, at all; I took two weeks just to gather my ideas and make sure I liked what I was about to get inked on me for the rest of my life. I never told anyone that I was going to get another one, not even my mom and it was her name that I was getting just how I view my mom ,she’s my star, and so precious to me. Everyone I know has let me down at least once, never my mother. So I feel like it’s my most meaningful tattoo by far. People get tattoos and look at them weeks later and ask themselves “Why did I get this?” but that was never the case for me, once I sat and thought about it I knew one hundred percent that I wanted it. As a person I am very strong in my religion so I was thinking a bible verse off the top of my head. Who doesn’t have a bible verse tattooed on them already though? I really didn’t want to get the common cross tattoo, I just wanted something different ,I feel like people are representing the cross all wrong . I took another two weeks to decide on what I wanted, that’s my set brainstorming limit. I decided to get an angel on the left side of my chest,…