World Of Work Persuasive Essay

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Stella W.
World of Work Persuasive Essay

World of Work is a great opportunity for all students at Freshwater, but especially the eighth graders. It helps students learn job skills for jobs students might otherwise not consider. This program especially helps eighth graders, like myself, who are starting to consider job options. I love cooking, baking especially, and I love to learn about different ways to cook things. For these reasons, I think I should be sent to Ramones or Dick Taylor Craft Chocolates.

My first choice would be to go to Ramones, because I love baking. I bake a lot at home, and I would love to go to a professional bakery to learn some tips and tricks, let alone skills. Seeing how pastries are produced in large quantities would be helpful for me to know if I was ever asked to make a lot of something for a party, or another event. Learning tricks and tips would make my personal baking even better. I would love to learn some skills from professional bakers so i
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Going to Ramones is my first choice because I especially love baking, and going to a professional bakery would help me learn things to improve my own personal baking. Going to Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate would teach me skills about running a small business and marketing products. It would also teach me about how chocolate is made and how it’s produced in small batches.

World of Work is an opportunity for eighth graders to learn valuable job skills. I would like to learn said job skills from Ramones or Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate. Ramones would teach me about professional baking and how a bakery is run, and Dick Taylor would teach me about making small batch craft chocolate and how to run a small business. I like to cook, and both of these jobs also involve food. I think that World of Work is a great tool for teaching job skills, and I love to learn the skills that these jobs