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Egyptian Pyramids
Egyptian architecture has always fascinated me. The great Pyramids of Egypt have always fascinated me and someday I hope to visit them in real life to capture the beauty that pictures cannot. Architects planned very carefully and well thought out. The stones had to fit precisely together. The size, design, and structure of the pyramids reveal the skill of these ancient builders. The pyramids were great monuments and tombs for the kings. The Egyptians believed that a king's soul continued to guide affairs of the kingdom even after his death. To ensure that they would continue to enjoy the blessings of the gods, they preserved the pharaoh's body through the mummification process. They built the pyramids to protect the pharaoh's body. The pyramid was a symbol of hope, because it would ensure the pharaoh's union with the gods.
The largest pyramid in existence is the Great Pyramid built by King Cheops at Giza. The Great Pyramid measures 481 feet high, by 775 feet long at each of its four bases. Other historic pyramids include the Step Pyramid built for King Zoser, and the pyramid built for King Huni, that was a transition between the step pyramid and the smooth sided pyramid we know today. The ancient Egyptian pyramids served a multitude of purposes. Some of the most unique and expensive items ever discovered on the inside of the Egyptian pyramids came from the tomb of King Tut. Carefully removing, and studying the items required a number of years. In the