World Religions Dbq Analysis

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World Religions Religion is one of the most diverse things in the world. There are many types of religions that people believe in and most of them believe in different things, but most of these religions had to start somewhere, right? Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are a few examples of these religions and they all spread quite differently. Christianity is the most well known and biggest religion. Document 4 states how religion spread throughout Mexico. It says that Cortez, who was sent by Txtlilxochil, went to teach the people of Tezcoco the teachings of Christ. In Document 6 it states the economical function on how the church provided services to the Latin American. A few ways they did this was by provide health care and poor relief to the general population. They were also the provider of education, Jesuits and other Dominicans would finance the schools, seminaries, and colleges. The educational establishments and training were also free to the poor. The Friars came along to …show more content…
According to The Oxford History of Islam in document 1 it states that Islam was spread to African Societies by opened trading routes and exposed isolated societies to external influences. This document also states that Merchants were the carriers of Islam rather than agents of Islamization. In Document 2 it explains ways that it improved lives of people in Spain. A couple of these ways would be the streets were solidly paved in Cordova, were as in Paris they were ankle deep in mud, and Nearly every mosque had a public school in which the Children of the poor were taught. Some political influences were explained in Document 3 when it talks about how Askia Mohammed expanded Islamic influences in the Songhai Empire by remodeling his empire along Islamic lines for as far as he could. This political spread was meant to turn into one big Muslim community, but he did not succeed in converting the entire Sudan