World Religions: East Essay

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18 (Rg Veda 10.90)

Room for speculation
Western perspective… one creation story
Hinduism: not one creation story that is not greater than the other
Golden embryo

Three Marga (marga=way): different ways of thinking… something to live on all religions are about understanding the world around you how we relate to one another
Karma Marga- Vedic- pragmatism, polytheistic
Jnana Marga- refers to wisdom
Vedanta- “anta” means end end of the Vedas speculative in nature…. Monistic (idea that god exists w/i) atman/brahman- all is atman, all is Brahman the same; we are the whole suggests that the sages of the Ush.. look inward fire sacrifice becomes internal purusha- individual= purusha=whole (not the part)
Bhakti Marga

When one passes away, one goes to svarga—generic term that refers to heaven, place you go after you die
No notion of transmigration as a result of karma in this early Vedic period
Linear model

Brahma- Creater
Purusha: “stuff” of creation
“spirit”- masculine in nature creates the world thru self sacrifice by performing sacrifices provides substantial means being poured into sacrifice (fire sacrifice: AKA yajana) performed to achieve specific goals ensure harmony, son, etc.
Yajana birth to social order and cosmic order dismembering re—“ ” alter created with variety with fire full of symbolism- house hold fire (round)—burn in Brahman home ~
Rig Veda, earth, sun, eye vedi- the priest himself (comes full circle [him or herself becomes part of the sacrifice] )
Atharva, man (Purusha), digestion, speech digest--- burn calories---- connection to fire world functions thru constant digestion offering fire—things were poured sama veda, sky, moon, mind southern yajur, atmosphere, lightening, breath rita~ or r with a dot under it =(rta) microcosm- small version of something larger
Blueprint of universe Pg 19; 10.90: “When they divided….” 1. Brahman-mouth 2. rajayna-two arms 3. vaishya-two thighs 4. shudra-two feet------- not included
(untouchable/ Dalit)—Pollution dharma- duty inconsistencies; no absolute stance on issues commentarial position later (like Judaism)
“matter”- feminine in nature
Shiva- Destroyer

Brahman- universal soul/ cast of priests

Hinduism= result of two societies coming together
Indus valley people—spoke different languages than Aryans
(Aryans spoke Sanskrit)
Aryans… cachous region of cent. Asia practical include the people around them based on