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Relationships in Judaism The religion of Judaism focuses mainly on relationships between god, mankind, Jewish people and the land of Israel which binds people together with their common practices and beliefs. Judaism is a monotheistic faith which means that they only believe in one god rather than multiple gods, like a lot of other religions did at the time Judaism was created, which was about 4,000 years ago. Judaism’s beliefs other than relationships with people are the Ten Commandments and Rambam’s 13 principals of faith. These two are about the same just phrased differently. They both talk about how people should live and important lessons about life and death. ( Education Foundation. "What Is Judaism" Oracle

ThinkQuest Library, is judaism.html)

The way that Judaism binds people together is that they believe that Jews are uniquely connected with each other no matter where they live. This is called a global Jewish community. This religion keeps people connected with their practices and beliefs and also with God. People connect with god through prayer three times a day which is recommended, church and the reading of the bible or Torah. The
Torah is Judaism’s most important text; it includes the 5 books of Moses which are Genesis, Exodus,
Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. ( Pelaia, Ariela “What Do Jews Believe” About Judaism,

Their beliefs are interesting because the Jewish people believe that god is going to not only help bind and bring together the Jewish people but the whole world. They believe that one day a
Messiah, which is a person from god, will come and unite the world bringing peace to mankind. It is a nice religion to believe that everyone in the world can be brought together by God. Another thing that does indeed bring the Jewish people together is their holidays and bat mitzvahs. A bat mitzvah is a symbol for a kid becoming an adult and becoming responsible for their own actions. The boys have their party when they turn 13 as girls have their when they turn 12. Judaism is much different from Christianity which a lot of people tend to get mixed up because they are almost alike. Jewish people believe a messiah will come to save the people were as Christians