Essay about World Trade Center and Best Wishes

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To the people whom lost there loved ones, 12 years ago, on the day of September 11, 2001 the attack on the twin towers happened. No one had seen it coming, now this will be a day that they never will forget. There were a lot of people that died that day; brothers, sister, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. These are the people that the world will never forget. These people died as heroes in our eyes. From the brave firemen that risk there lives and past to the innocent bystander that tried to help or was just oblivious as to what happened in a flash were gone. They will all be remembered as someone heroic to us. This day hit a lot of people hard especially the ones whose loved ones past on this tragic day. Tell me, how was it to know that the one you loved wouldn’t make it home tonight? Was it hard to adjust to the change of seeing or talking to them everyday to never again? It must have been hard to cope with the situation, having to deal with the losses. How was it to try and cope? Many people after the attack on the twin towers started charities/organizations/donations, my questions for you is were/are you involved in any groups that had some tot do with 9-11? Did it help you get past the day of 9-11? During the day of 9-11 what were you doing, where were you at during the morning of 9-11 at 9:00a.m.? Did you do anything different that day that made you miss being involved in the traffic destruction of the twin towers attack? How long was it before it started…