World Trade Networks

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Comparison of World Trade Networks
Juniper Ozbolt October 26th, 2014 AP World History Mr. A Stever

Colombian Exchange
Indian Ocean
Silk Road
Where Did Occur
Europe, West Africa, Americas
East Africa, Persian Gulf/Arabia, India, Southeast Asia, China, Europe
Europe, North Africa and Central Asia
North, West, and Sub-Saharan Africa, Sahara, Arab Penisula (Persia),
Btwn What Empires
Portuguese, Spanish, Native Americans (Incans, Mayans, Aztecs)
Portuguese, Dutch, Siam (Thailand), Muslims, Chinese (Ming), Mughals (India), Swahili (Kilwa-Africa)
Mauryan (India), Shang, Tang,Han, and Zhou(China), Greece, Rome(Constantinople), Persia, Arabia
Ghana, Mali Empire, Songhai (Timbuktu, Gao), Mediterranean, Muslims
What Did They Trade
Animals (Pigs,Horses, Sheep), Plants (Tomatoes, Chili Peppers, Potatoes*, wheat, melons, sugar cane), Diseases (Syphilis*, Smallpox)
Gold, Spices, Silk, Ivory, Slaves, Timber, Cotton cloth, Sugar
Cloth, Coinage, Glassware, Incense, Ivory, Metal, Precious Stones, Silk, Slaves, Spices, Timber, Tortoiseshells, Wine, Gunpowder, Paper, Food Products, Religion, Bubonic Plague, Technologies, Ideas
Slaves, Salt, Gold, Horses, Ivory, Dates, Cloth, Grains (millet, sorghum), Food Products, Metal Goods, Weapons
How Did They Transport Goods
Camel- Land-based
Camel, Caravan-- Land-based
How Did They Affect Demographics and Economy
Native American population decreased greatly due to newly introduced European diseases. Increase in agriculture and changing of landscape due to intro of