World View Essay

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Technology has grown to be more and more advanced each day. It has had a huge influence on the internet. People in today’s society probably couldn’t function without it. The internet has grown into an electronic “know it all”. This tool has changed the way we shop, learn, and communicate. The way we shop has gone from physically to electronically. Instead of having to get dressed and leave your home, it is as easy as turning on your PC or even smartphone. Online shopping is very convenient, however I also feel that it takes away the social aspect of shopping. I enjoy shopping online for various things, but shopping online, in my opinion makes individuals more vulnerable to identity theft and deceit. In addition, items such as clothing sometimes need to be tried on.
Secondly, Learning has also jumped on the internet train. Today many subjects all around the world are being taught online. For some, it is the ideal way to learn. People enjoy not having to leave the comfort of their home to learn. For others, like me, this way of learning is not efficient. The internet has made it almost impossible for an excuse to not be educated. There is a wide variety of social networking sites that were created to change the way we communicate and share photos. The option of communicating online varies from email to video calling. These new ways of communicating help people to stay in touch with loved ones, friends, and even coworkers. Photos can also be posted on these sites so not