World View Religion Analysis on Islam; Its Origin; an Introduction and Analysis Essay

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World View Religion Analysis

Islam; Its Origin an Introduction and Analysis

Jerummie H. Weah

Apologetics (APOL) 500

October 28, 2012

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Analysis of Islam 4

Reaching out to Islam 6

Conclusion 7



This is written to share light on Islam, it’s origin, flaws as a belief system or world view

and how one can reach out to a Muslim and share with him or her the gospel and truth of Jesus

Christ. Simply put; how can we convert a Muslim? Hence this paper will lay out a proposal on

how we can reach the unreached people of Islam.

Muhammad the founder of Islam was born in AD 570 into the Quraish tribe of Mecca

deemed the noblest tribe by all Arabs in Mecca, which was the religious and commercial capital

of the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabs would perform pilgrimage to Mecca and circumambulate

the Ka’aba, a structure built by their ancestor the Prophet Abraham and his son, the Prophet

Ishmael as the first house of worship for God[1]. Muhammad father Abdullah died before he was

born, and his mother Amina dies a few years shortly after his birth, he was six years old.

The word Islam is an Arabic word which literally means ‘surrender or submission’[2].

There are six basic articles or principles of Islam that one must follow in order to be considered a

Muslim; these articles are: a. belief in God, b. belief in His Angels, c. belief in His Books, d.

belief in His Prophet and Messenger, e. belief in the Day of Judgment, and f. belief in God’s

Devine Decree.

Islam incorporates scriptures from the Torah and other Bible scriptures; even though they

profess to believe in the original scriptures of Jesus Christ, they refuse to accept any scriptures

written by the apostle Paul; is rendered futile and the Gospel of John is said to be corrupted by

Greek philosophy. [3]

Analysis of Islam

Islam or Muslims claimed that the Quran is a complete message from God and is in its

original state. However, this is in contradiction to the fact that the leader of Islam was illiterate

and was unable to write for him, his biography was not written until 767 more than a full century

after his death which could have been corrupted by legend by the lengthy gap.[4]

Islam is very inconsistent in its message of peace as the religion was spread by wars

throughout the live of Muhammad the founder of Islam. Most of the converts of Islam as with

leaders of different regions of the middle east had ulterior motives. They join or convert to Islam

because that enables them to gain political prominence and higher status as leaders of conquered

lands and settlement of people they forcefully converted to Islam. Muhammad and his followers

enriched themselves with plunders from conquered towns and cities and territories. It is hard to

accept that Muhammad would force individuals to convert to Islam when he had no witness to

his conversion; just his story of God revealing to him the Quran in a Cave.

From Muhammad onset as a prophet one can say that his ultimate goal was to find a

religion for his people the Arabs non-Jews. He incorporated the Torah, the Christian Bible and

the story and relevance of Jesus Christ together with a few radical ideas and called his

teachings the Message form Allah. Unlike most prophets of God as portrayed in the Torah and

the Bible Muhammad perform no miracles or any supernatural feats such as rising the dead,

healing the sick, and or giving sight to the blind. Having no clue on where to begin, he

incorporated the Jewish laws, Christianity and other prominent religious teachings into his

proclaim message from God[5]

Most of his marriages can be consider a