World War 1 Essay

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WW1 Essay
In the 19th century when WW1 ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. It left many long term causes some of them being the Ottoman Empire, Germany, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire all fell. But due to their falling it lead to new colonies being made in their place by the people. The leading cause to all the demolition after ww1 and ww1 are Militarism and military plans, Alliance system, Imperialism, Mass Politics, Intellectual Context, and Nationalism. These were the MAJOR leading causes of WW1 and its destruction. All sides used militarism and used there militaries to attack there enemies causing war to happen. The Alliance system was when the leaders wanted to make treaties
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The Ottoman Empire fell because of a combination of internal degeneration and outside pressures. The loss of economic strength resulted while Europe circumnavigated Africa for trade and relied on the Americas rather than the Ottoman middleman. Also the new Industrialized Europe soon surpassed the old Ottoman traditions. There was Poor leadership that gave way to losses of centralized control and finally lead them to their collapse after they supporting Germany in WWI. The other empire that fell was the Germen Empire. They fell because they were having blockade back at home and they had to pay money to the losing side as a peace treaty. Revolts changed them and they gave the working class more rights. The last major power that fell was the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The Austrian-Hungarian Empire was broken into pieces along the ethnic lines. Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia all became independent states after the empire fell. Some part of their land was give to Romania and Italy. This was all the fall of the major powers just because of the major causes.
The major causes of the ww1 which were Militarism and military plans, Alliance system, Imperialism, Mass Politics, Intellectual Context, and Nationalism did not only affect ww1 it affected everything after it too. The empires that fell were all caused by the major causes. WW1 was just used as a mien to get more land for themselves. It was also one of the