world war 1 letter home Essay

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My Dearest Family,

I am here, in the war. Writing to you all from these horrid Trenches. I have been fighting, trying to stay alive for these past six months. All I see everyday are people from both sides dying, thousands of lives being claimed. The living conditions in the trenches are absolutely disgusting. We have to sleep, eat, and basically live our lives among rats, lice, all types of bacteria, our own feces and especially hundreds of rotting dead bodies until the war ends, which I doubt will happen or I shall be long gone by then. What they all say about these wars isn’t true, for I do not feel any pride in fighting for my country. Instead I am scared and feared of what will happen to me in the next hour, next day, next week, hoping I will even be alive for that long. The war is like a game. All we do is go back and forth killing people who are not much different from ourselves with guns, bombs, and gas. The amount of pain and fear in the air is just heartbreaking. I’ve seen many of my beloved friends die right in front of me, leaving me with no possible way to help them without getting shot in the head. I wish I could be at home, with all of you. I wish I could be lying in my own bed. I want to be spending a good time with my family instead of hiding from guns and shells. I love and miss every one of you with all of my heart. I hope and pray to god that I will once again see you all. Pray for me and send my best regards to everyone. Please do write back, I