Essay on World War 1 was and still is one of the worst wars to take place on earth

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World War 1 was and still is one of the worst wars to take place on earth. Innocent, young, elderly women and children were all nut victims in this horrific tragedy that took place in 1914. Although ww1 took place in Europe, it majorly affected most of the world including Australia, therefore causing n involvement of Australian militant. There were three main reasons why Australian troops became involved in ww1. These reasons being enthusiasm, the impression of women and higher wages being paid. These three reasons alone caused a major contribution towards the commonwealth, Australians enlisted themselves to primarily support Britain to strengthen the allegiance both in numbers and in spirit.
To begin with, one of the main reasons why Australia enlisted in WW1 was because of nationalism. The Australian people had a strong sense of patriotism and loyalty to their mother country. Australians had such a tremendous amount of pride for their country that it was a popular belief among them that the British Empire was superior to their races. His contributing factor supports Australia enlisted in WW1 primarily to support Britain.
Another contributing factor which supports the statement is that the Australian men had the chance to earn higher wages. The men were receiving six shillings a day compared to one shilling a day. Six shillings was attractive to many of the men due to the fact of the tough financial conditions and high unemployment in 1914. As a result, earning higher