World War 2 Essay

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World War two became the most destructing and longest reaching conflict to go down in history. World War two was caused because of the ending of world was one. From my understanding of that Germany was humiliated for the lost of world war one and then the economy in Germany went down which then involved Adolf Hitler to take charge and secretly start an army. Then decided to blame it on the Jews which later ended up in almost to the extension of the Jews, due to concentration camps and the assassination of the Jews. It was extremely cruel and harsh many deaths occurred it had altered the image of war. world war two brought new devilish weapons and instruments of destruction were invented to destroy which included plastic explosives, proximity fuses,rockets,jet airplanes, and of course automatic weapons. The racist propaganda on both sides cause a lot of hatred towards one another. Over fifty million deaths resulted from this horrific war. More than two third of them were innocent civilians. This war was so horrific that it dismembered nations and whole cities were leveled. The world is still trying to cope with that war because of how destructive it was. In 1914 the United States was unprepared to face a world war. The United States army and navy was under staffed and under equipped. It would have to take months to be able to regain soldiers and money to be able to ship them off but time was of the essence and japan and Germany were ready to go and were on the move for war. The economy was already partially mobilized from the previous was world war, the United States paid scientist for making bombs and weapons. The pressure of war would mean spending double of the national product. America spent ten times more money than what was spent in world war one. The massive impact of government capital into the economy encouraged a great deal of centralization and consolidation in private industries. Large companies were making deals with the government contracts were coming in from left to right. The more they won the larger the companies became, with that said if you didn’t have a contract with the government then you were pretty much out of business. In 1942 alone three hundred thousand businesses closed down. The problem in America was no longer to find jobs for Americans to make a living. The problem then became to find workers that were willing to work for the booming ship yard and the air craft factories munitions plants. People who lived along side of the margins were now brought into work most of them were women. The economy did not get better the increase of family income and government spending during the war raised Americans worst fears. Everything was set for war; the little money that was left was used on war and or to purchase more power. One positive thing did come out of this war. Over six million women began to work. They worked for the army’s corps and also volunteered in the emergency service. Women became tool makers and machinists and riveters and crane operators and lumberjacks, blacksmiths and railroad workers. Also the African Americans were also brought in to defend the United States, from the very start black leaders demanded equality and respect from all other race that was involved in the war. Eventually over time one million African American joined and served in the arm forces. The Americans top priority was to defeat Hitler .The Pearl Harbor attack brought the British close to America and made a deal to have joint war. This then began the not always harmonious but successful war plan between the United States and the Great Britain. After much discussion, fears and observation and disagreements the United States and Great Britain came to an agreement and decided to invade French North Africa who then